Off Plan (Whispering Key)
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Falling for a man was nowhere in my five-step plan.

I came to Whispering Key from O’Leary as a career move. Mason Bloom, doctor to the stars at a swanky resort on a private island? Heck yes.

What I did not come for was romance, because I have been there, done that, have an ex-girlfriend to prove it, and frankly was distinctly underwhelmed by the whole endeavor. 

Yet from the moment I set foot on this island, nothing goes the way I’d expected.

The resort’s falling apart. The island’s inhabitants are ridiculous... and ridiculously charming. The whole place is awash in stories of shipwrecks and treasure.

Then there’s Fenn Reardon: Gorgeous. Infuriating. Male

And did I mention infuriating?

The man is the eye of the hurricane upending my life. He pushes every one of my buttons. He makes me feel crazy. Out of control. And more alive than I have ever felt before. 

I find myself craving his company, longing for his touch, kissing him on the beach, wanting him in my bed… and questioning just how straight I really am.

Falling for Fenn was not in my plans… but I’m starting to think the key to happiness might be going off plan entirely.

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