North Pole Unlimited Collection 1
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There’s no avoiding love in December—especially when you work at North Pole Unlimited, where Christmas spirit fills the air, and there's an endless supply of mistletoe. Now the first two wholesome romances in this popular holiday series are together in one collection. When Santa dabbles in love, everybody wins. Decker and Joy – Strange things are afoot at Kitten Caboodle. When a prototype goes missing and three kittens disappear from her animal shelter, Joy McCall crosses paths with grumpy P.I. Decker Harkness. They’ll need to work together to solve the crimes, save Christmas, and fall in love along the way. Hollis and Ivy - Christmas is a season of surprises. Florist Ivy Teague’s business is in trouble, but when cute accountant Hollis Dash arrives without warning and offers her advice when he’s supposed to be working with the competition, she isn’t sure if he is one of Santa’s elves sent to help her, or a Grinch in disguise.
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