No Plans for Love
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No Plans for Love by Claire Wilder


What's the harm in a quick fling?

Do the interior design on this high-end lake house, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. What they didn’t say? I’d be in sudden forced proximity to Graydon Mitchell, the house’s skilled and way-too-sexy builder.

My perfect life plan doesn’t include relationships—I won’t build my life around a man the way my mom did. But the chemistry between Graydon and me is so hot, we’re liable to burn a hole through the framing.

A fling should get things out of my system, right? Or will I build myself into a corner I can’t run away from?

This book was previously published as HIS BUILD and has been newly updated to first person point of view.

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The Jewel Lakes Series is best enjoyed in order.

Book 1: Love Runs Deep
Book 2: No Plans For Love
Book 3: His Hot Mess
Book 4: Twice Burned
Book 5: All Your Fault
Book 6: Finding His Cheer

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