Nightmares & Sin
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Nightmares & Sin by Quell T. Fox

Villains in life and not in love. Bexley My mother always gave the best advice, even if it seemed like a crock of sh*t when I first heard it. Right now, I’d love nothing more than to have my mother’s wise words to guide me through this roller coaster I call life. Especially after being taken to hell by a Wrath Demon, and a Lust Demon—more commonly known as an Incubus. Demons… Apparently, they’re real, and I’ve fallen under their spell and into their beds. My only chance at surviving rests on the shoulders of my best friend and the Angel who found himself mixed up in this mess alongside us. Problem is, I’m not so sure I can be saved anymore. Kaine & Maxen A night out on the town ends in chaos, but it’s nothing they aren’t used to. Living in the dark parts of hell, there is an array of bedlam on a day to day basis. Only this time, it’s on their front doors and they have no idea how to fix it before they’re sent to live the rest of their days out in the Pit. Can the two troublesome demons find a way to make their problem go away, or is she too tempting to let go of? Nightmares & Sin is part of the Monstrous Hearts series but it is a stand alone. You do not have to read the other books to enjoy this one, but I highly recommend that you do.
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