Night Marked
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Night Marked by L.A. McGinnis

A virgin queen determined to choose her own fate. A scarred warrior marked by darkness. And the king who will kill them both to keep the throne. I was plucked from my ordinary, ho-hum life and plunked into a nightmare. Abducted by a corrupt vampire king, I’ve gone from night classes to navigating the dangerous world of the Darkfell Clan, where the courts are a maze of deception, you test your wine before you drink it and never, ever sit with your back to a door. They say I’m the strongest queen in a thousand years. Destined to overthrow the king and take back my kingdom. I don’t know about all that, but I know I can’t face him alone. He commands a legion of monsters, but I’m building my own army, and though my bonded warriors are few, together, we’ll defeat Viktor. Or die trying. I might be a queen, but this isn’t like any other fairytale. ~Get your copy~
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