New Teacher on the Ranch

New Teacher on the Ranch by R A Barlow


R.A Barlow Presents: New Teacher on the Ranch - The Ranch School Teacher Series, West Fork Ranch, Book One

Bridget leaves the city life for a position to teach at the West Fork Ranch, even though her mother and father are set against her going.

Although the rancher, Randal, is elated to have her there, his two brothers are not.

The brothers work hard to try to force her off the ranch by spreading rumors about her and even going so far as to abduct her in order to instill fear.

Bridget falls in love with Randal, and cares deeply for his daughter, Bella, who had been abandoned by her birth mother years before.

But Bridget feels forced to leave the ranch because she just can't take the gossip and threats anymore.

Small town life is not at all like the city life that she left behind at all.

Will her love for Randal and Bella be enough to bring her back to the ranch?

What will happen when Randal goes to the city to find her and try to win her back?

Will Bridget's father agree that Bridget may marry him and leave the city life for good?

Read the 6-book series to see how it all ends for Bridget, Randal, and Bella.

(HEA in book 6)


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