New Addiction
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New Addiction by April Kelley

A dragon shifter who doesn’t rely on anyone. A bear shifter too grumpy for his fated mate. Attraction isn’t the problem. It’s deciding whether to let love in. Caerwyn needs to be at home in Wingspan. After his parents die in a tragic accident, picking up the pieces for his brother and sister hasn’t been easy. The last thing he needs is for the alpha to loan his tracking skills out to the Saint Lakes clan. And he certainly doesn’t need a fated mate. Rory will do almost anything for solitude. He doesn’t like people or conversation. All he really wants is to cook at the local diner and stay home. What he doesn’t want is a mate who will demand his time and attention. When Rory sees how much Caerwyn needs someone to rely on, he has to decide what’s more important. His solitude or his fated mate. New Addiction is the first book on the MM paranormal romance in the Wingspan series. If you like growly bear shifters and dragon shifters too stubborn to ask for help, then you’ll love this romantic novel. Buy New Addiction to begin your visit in a small dragon shifter town.
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