My Millionaire Marine: A Fake Marriage Surprise Twins Romance (Forbidden Temptations)
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Step #1: Refuse my marriage proposal 

Step #2: Get a new job 

Step #3: Take my eyes off my hot new boss


The first two steps were fairly simple, but it’s obvious that I have zero control over my own eyes. 

In my defense, I didn’t know that he was my boss when I first saw him.

I had no idea that he was a millionaire and a former marine pilot. 


But the thing that shocked me the most was worse… 


Our story took a sharp turn when he needed a fake wife for the sake of his family inheritance. 

And by now, it was obvious that I loved the smell of trouble.

Yes, I agreed to be his fake wife. 

But being pregnant with his baby wasn’t part of the plan. 

Neither was falling madly in love with the way he looked at me. 

Step #4: Stop expecting to have a real family with my hot boss slash fake husband!

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