Murder at the Seven Dials
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Murder at the Seven Dials by Cara Devlin

The romantic historical mystery series readers are devouring begins with Murder at the Seven Dials... A murdered opera singer. A duke drenched in her blood. For Bow Street Officer Hugh Marsden, the brutal killing is a straightforward case. Ever since his own exile from polite society, Hugh’s distaste for the ton has grown. Now, an opportunity to take down a peer of the realm has practically fallen into his lap. The only thing standing in his way? Audrey Sinclair, the Duchess of Fournier. Audrey is certain her husband is wrongly accused, and she’s determined to prove it to the arrogant Bow Street officer, even if she must employ her most peculiar ability—or perhaps curse—to guide her investigation. After all, a duchess can do as she pleases. Though Hugh is exasperated with the meddling duchess, when her discoveries reveal the true killer is still at large, he has no choice but to join her in the hunt—if only to prevent her from becoming the next victim. Murder at the Seven Dials is the first book in the addictive Bow Street Duchess Mystery series. Perfect for fans of Lady Sherlock mysteries, the Veronica Speedwell mysteries, and the BBC's "Miss Scarlet & the Duke". Series Order: Book 1: Murder at the Seven Dials Book 2: Death at Fournier Downs Book 3: Silence of Deceit Book 4: Penance for the Dead Book 5: Fatal by Design (Oct. 21, 2023) Book 6: Nature of the Crime (Jan. 20, 2024)
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