Mountain Man’s Claim
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Mountain Man’s Claim by Annabelle Love


I was searching for a new home.

What I found was a wild mountain man.


I moved to this small town to build a new life.

How was I supposed to know there’d be nowhere else to stay?

Or that Caleb Walker likes his cabin to himself.


He thinks I’m a city-girl who’ll fly away when the going gets tough.

But I see the pain behind his deep, dark eyes…

And the beast that’s driving him to kick me out.


So, I offer him a job.

Fix-up the house I’m buying in town,

And I’ll be gone all the sooner.


Then everything changes the night of the harvest dance.

When he says those 7 words…
“Tell me you want me inside you.”

Now the closer I get to moving out,

The closer our hearts get to breaking.


He’s still holding back.

He’s still pushing me away.

But something tells me there’s a man behind the beast.

And he’s going to claim everything I am.

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