More Amish Christmas Miracles
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More Amish Christmas Miracles by Jennifer Beckstrand


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Discover more miracles in Amish country! 
Curl up in front of the fire, wrap yourself in a fluffy blanket, and treat yourself to this collection of romantic Christmas stories by some of your favorite Amish fiction authors. Whether it’s a snowy lane in the moonlight, a sleigh ride across the glistening snow, or a cozy Christmas celebration next to a crackling fire, you’ll find yourself believing in Christmas miracles. This second collection of Christmas stories is brought to you by USA Today bestselling authors Jennifer Beckstrand, Jennifer Spredemann, Rachel J. Good, Serena B. Miller, Ashley Emma, Susan Simpson, Dana R. Lynn, Adina Senft, Mary Alford, and Loree Lough.

The Amish Cowboy's Christmas by Adina Senft
In the beginning, there was no Circle M ranch. Thirty years ago, there was only the girl next door and the boy who was too shy to tell her he loved her...For Reuben, showing Naomi he's the right man for her will take all the courage and love in his heart—and maybe even a Christmas miracle.

Snowflake Wishes by Mary Alford
Widower Tobias Weaver has no idea his twin daughters have decided he needs a new bride for Christmas until he “accidentally” finds himself in the company of Hannah Stoll, the community’s pretty new schoolteacher.

The Sweetest Gift by Susan Lantz Simpson
Sometimes the unexpected gifts are the sweetest. There seems to be more in the air than snowflakes and excitement over the school program as Christmas approaches. Will a little girl be the catalyst to bring about healing and love for the two obstinate adults in her life?

Hosea's Christmas Miracle by Ashley Emma
On the outside, Gomer seems like a lovely, sweet, young Amish woman, but she's hiding a scandalous secret. Hosea will need God’s help, a spirit of forgiveness, and a Christmas miracle to bring his family back together before the holiday.

Made to Order Christmas by Dana R. Lynn
Tess is brokenhearted when her childhood sweetheart marries another. As she works in her aunt and uncle's bakery, she begins to find that God's plan is much better than what we want for ourselves. Joseph finds a job for his rebellious daughter at the bakery, but Joseph doesn't expect to find love again.

The Christmas Letter by Loree Lough
Ben thinks Christmas is too commercialized, but it’s Beth's favorite holiday. Can friends—whose combined business skills have improved both businesses—overcome their differences? Or will the disagreement cost them money . . . and love?

Joseph's Christmas Box by Serena B. Miller
His Amish marriage is in trouble. Will Joseph find a way to repair it?

No Room at the Inn by Rachel J. Good
Volunteer firefighter Philip Troyer finds refuge at Amish Valley Inn during a blizzard. After rebelling during Rumschpringa years ago, he has no intention of returning to the Amish. Will Katie Stoltzfus's kindness and acceptance show him the way back to his faith and the real meaning of Christmas?

Huckleberry Hill Secret Santa by Jennifer Beckstrand
Elmer Yoder can't stand Rosie Herschberger, but when she asks for his help creating a special Christmas for the 
gmayna, he reluctantly agrees. Will Rosie learn to care about more than just herself? And will Elmer start to care about Rosie?

Unlikely Singing by Jennifer Spredemann
The moment Christopher Stoltz met the mysterious young Amish woman at his cousin’s wedding, he knew there was something special about her. There’s one little problem. She’s already in a relationship with a minister’s son. Christopher seems to be everything Judy Mishler has dreamed about, but is Christopher a genuine hero, or is he just a pretender? Will it take a Christmas miracle for them to find their
 happily ever after?

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