Moon Bayou
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Moon Bayou by J.R. Rain

Hired to find a missing college student, Samantha Moon finds herself hunting for clues in New Orleans... And crossing paths with the werewolves and vampires of the city. Those she can handle. The voodoo priestess, not so much. When a powerful curse catapults her backwards in time, Sam finds herself in a world of trouble—and in Louisiana just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War. Samantha must move fast; after all, her vampiric abilities have been compromised by the curse, leaving her vulnerable to a new kind of lurking evil. Can Samantha Moon unlock the key to the past and return to her present, or will she forever remain ancient history? What Readers are saying: ★★★★★ “Finally! Another Samantha Moon story! The private detective is always getting herself into more than she seems to be able to handle. Even though she is a vampire, she manages to lived in both the normal world and the world in which she must drink blood to survive. Samantha find herself being attacked by old time vampires and through the magic of voodoo she is sent back into time. Now she must try to figure out how to get back to the present while still surviving in a time when women were to be seen but not heard. She is concerned that as an immortal, the only way she will get back to her children is by living 150 years until they are born and she can step back into 2015. But her existence is threatened in the past and any changes she makes could result in changing the future. This book is the first in the series and much of it is setting the reader up as to the basic premise of the story. It can be a bit complicated with so many new characters and going from the present to the past, but is definitely a dark and mysterious read. A very different Samantha Moon with all the perks of still having quirky Samantha as the main character.” —Amazon review ★★★★★ “I was thrilled to find another Samantha Moon book! These books are a delight and I have enjoyed them so very much. Samantha is funny and always getting into more than she bargains for. The story is one that you are sorry when it’s over and feel almost depressed because it is over. If there were enough books written on Samantha Moon, I would read them until they had to pry the book out of my dead hands. They are by far the best series I have read in a long, long time, if ever. I highly recommend this book to all paranormal book lovers. You won’t be sorry you read this book and will be wanting more just like me!” —Amazon review ★★★★★ “I was not familiar with this author. But took a chance due to the subject matter of the story. The story is so very well researched, and races on at a fairly breathless pace. The main character and that of her ‘supporting cast’ are very well drawn. Great storytelling.” —Amazon review ★★★★★ “This story added a nice twist to the Samantha Moon series, and I think it will do a lot to broaden her appeal. Thinking she is off on yet another missing persons case, Samantha bumps into supernaturals sh
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