Misunderstood (Forbidden Love Book 3)
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I ran into a single dad from hell… and then I made the mistake of accepting his job offer. 


Turns out, hell had some scandalous plans for me. 


Plan #1: Move into Hunter’s house as his live-in nanny. 

Plan #2: Fall into Hunter’s bed. 

Plan #3: Get pregnant with his baby and regret plans #1 and #2. 


Living with a snob like Hunter wasn’t easy. 

But his daughter brought us closer. 

The problem, though?


It’s not just us three in the house. 

Hunter invited his ex to live in his guest bedroom so she could recover from an illness. 


My frustration was through the roof. 

So, imagine my shock when I realized that I was expecting my snobby boss’s baby. 

Especially when I felt like he hadn’t even given me his heart. 

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