Mistletoe Love Match
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Mistletoe Love Match by Krista Sandor

As far as Calliope Cress is concerned, there’s nothing merry about Christmas this year. She’s stranded in a cabin with doctor-in-training Alec Lamb. Forget his piercing amber eyes and mouthwatering physique. The man might look more delicious than a plate of holiday sugar cookies, but the bloke is insufferable. Honestly, Frosty the Snowman has a warmer disposition–that is, until they’re alone and they can’t keep their hands off each other. Call it enemies-with-benefits. Call it a holiday hook-up. But don’t even think about calling it love. It would take a Christmas miracle for her to fall for him. She’s ready to call off the tryst, but the spirit of the season has other ideas. It’s said that a kiss beneath the mistletoe can spark true love, and the pair keeps finding themselves standing beneath the festive sprigs. With a bit of help from Saint Nick, a wayward reindeer, and a dash of Christmas Eve magic, Calliope and Alec learn that the holiday detour they hadn’t anticipated could bring them exactly what they need and everything they’d never expected: a mistletoe love match.
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