Missing – Caught Red Handed (Ryan Mallardi Private Investigations Book 3)
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★★★★★ Christian Mystery Romance & Suspense ★★★★★

★★★★★ Well written romantic suspense that has an ensamble cast facing real life challenges. The interactions between the characters makes for very interesting reading and the faith based foundation adds grounding to the story. I am not Catholic but found the perspectives of Fr Liam to be powerful and inspiring. - Goodreads


Two beautiful women go missing in Ocala, Florida. One of them, everyone seems to be looking for and the other one is reported missing by David Evans, who knows her for less than a month.

Ryan Mallardi, PI, is hired to search for both women by different people and for different reasons. While his personal life goes upside down, through no fault of his own this time, he tries to turn it right side up again while finding the two women.
Going on instinct, Ryan unravels the mysteries of why both women disappeared. Through intuition, wit, surveillance and some other maybe-illegal tactics, Ryan finds out where the women went, who's responsible for lying, murder and the coverup.

SERIES vs. STAND-ALONE EBOOKS: This book contains enough history and background to be read as a stand-alone book. Each book in the series contains a mystery, crime or psychological drama that has a beginning and an ending. They are, of course, best enjoyed reading in order, as the character arcs and the family drama play out from book to book. If you like family sagas with a bit of mystery and intrigue, you will enjoy reading the Ryan Mallardi Private Investigator Series in order from start to finish.

This book ends with a phone call about another murder that will become the subject of it’s own story in Book 4, but it is not a cliffhanger.

TRIGGER WARNING: This story includes the subject of domestic violence as well as a few violent scenes and this could trigger anyone having personal issues with it, so please be aware of that.
Genre: Romance
Book Length:
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