Miss Minerva’s Pirate Mishap: A Sweet Regency Romance (Bluestocking Battalion Book 1)
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A mysterious pirate claims he needs Minerva's help. But what if this thief ends up stealing her heart?

The eldest daughter of a naval captain, Minerva is well-versed in tactical objectives and strategic maneuvers. It's no wonder she's put those skills to use when planning her own future with her perfectly proper suitor. There is only one flaw in her plan. She's failed to take into account the troublesome newcomer who's hiding out in her seaside town. The irritating rogue is in her way at every turn—teasing, taunting, and all around upending her well-ordered life. But then again, what else would she expect from a pirate?

She'd like to say it's fear that makes her heart pound and her pulse race whenever he is near. She'd like to say that...but she's never been a very good liar. It's excitement, plain and simple, that has her seeking him out when she ought to be running in the opposite direction. And when he kisses her? Well, that stirs up another emotion entirely. One that makes her wonder what she's willing to sacrifice for duty...and just how much she'd risk for love.  

Author Note: This novel was formerly titled Miss Minerva's Militia.

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