Mine to Save
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Mine to Save by Jayda Marx

Phoenix - Though our beginning was marred by tragedy and our number is small, I couldn’t be prouder to be the alpha of the Pine Ridge Pack of wolf shifters. We protect each other and our land, where we reside in homes built by our own hands. Our job gives us pride and purpose, and we get everything we need from the land and the nearby town. Everything except one. Every shifter has one true soulmate granted to them by Fate; one person they are to love, protect and cherish for all time. Once we find our destined match, we dedicate our lives to protecting them, providing for them and ensuring their happiness. When I find mine, I’m captivated by his intoxicating scent and struck by his incomparable beauty. But his circumstances are dire, and I pray I’m not too late. Rory - After being kicked out of my house for being gay, I moved to the city with my best friend Dax in search of a fresh start and acceptance. He’s my family and supports me in everything I do. He’s all I have in life; well, besides my crappy, low-paying job and my love of photography. That love pushed me to save every penny possible for months to purchase a new camera. I decide to take it into the forest to capture the beauty of nature, even though I have a terrible sense of direction. And a body that’s not built for hiking. And zero endurance. What could go wrong? *This M/M paranormal romance is for readers 18 and up! It has no cliffhangers or cheating and a very happy HEA. It contains a sexy wolf shifter, his devoted pack and his lovable fated mate. Look out for lurking dangers, heartwarming moments and steamy scenes! My books are low angst and insta-love. They’re full of sexy moments, sweetness and a healthy dose of humor.
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