Metal and Mistletoe: An interracial holiday rock star romance (Hearts of Metal Book 4)
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An interracial death metal Christmas Romance

Curtis Scrimm, who dropped out of the band Viciӧus to check into rehab is finally clean. All he wants is to spend Christmas alone. Thanks to a brochure he found back at the rehab clinic, he has a cabin booked at Yellowstone. But when he arrives at the gorgeous winter wonderland, his mission of solitude is thwarted when he encounters death metal vocalist, Dezra Hopkins in the cabin next door. They’d met in rehab and it was her brochure he’d found.

Dezra is at first irritated at Curt’s intruding on her perfect Christmas getaway. But since she’s looking to form a new band after leaving her old one in disgrace, she sees Curt as an opportunity. That is, if she can lure him to the dark side of death metal, and if she can fight her growing attraction to him.

When Curt rescues Dezra from a blizzard and heals her hypothermia, their chemistry sparks to a flaming inferno. But when the festive and sensual holiday interlude comes to an end, real-life challenges threaten to destroy the beautiful connection they’ve only begun to forge.

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