Meet Jon, the Billionaire
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Meet Jon, the Billionaire by Laura Olsen


So I enter this tennis tournament almost by accident… and get paired with a guy with the hottest buns.
And I know all about hot buns - I work in a bakery.

Our first date ends in the backseat of his limo and I find out that his perfect suit hides a perfect body.
And I also find out that his billion-dollar empire wants the same corner lot my bakery needs to survive.

I finally meet a perfect guy and he turns out to be my worst enemy!
But I have an advantage - he doesn't know that I know about him.

Or does he?

Playing pretend is so easy when he showers me with gifts and attention.
And when he kisses me and holds me in his arms I don't have to pretend at all.

Despite all this, there is no way I am letting him win.
When my family's future is at stake, there are no rules.

But I still can't stop thinking about that fateful day…
The day I met Jon, the Billionaire.

No cheating, no cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed!

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