Marrying My Brother’s Best Friend
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I vowed to stay away from my brother’s grumpy best friend… Now he wants to marry me. Billionaire basketball star Trevor Kranes is my former childhood crush-turned-boss. He always got me with his deep ocean-blue eyes, chiseled jawline, and that breathtaking smug grin. I thought his smile was real until he coldly rejected me a few years ago. But now he needs a wife to clean up his playboy image. If I marry him, he’ll help advance my career. I’ll only do it under one condition: No feelings allowed. And yeah… don’t tell my brother. Ignoring my feelings for this bossy jerk should be easy, But his protective arms feel too warm, and his tender touches feel too soft. Until his lips on mine send shivers down my spine, Now I’m not sure if he’s still pretending… Marrying My Brother’s Best Friend is a sweet, closed-door romance, brimming with sizzling chemistry without the spice.
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