Mark my Words
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Mark my Words by E.L. Koslo

Finding the words is easy with the right person... Giving in to mutual attraction can unlock the boundaries between two people who would never make sense on paper. Can you ever get that little black box of desire closed again when you’ve thrown away the key? Kristine The world I grew up in didn’t have much room for girls with big dreams. Dreams that didn’t include stifling my ambitions as an editor to pursue a career my parents wanted. Despite their best efforts to marry me off to their friends’ horrible offspring, I left New York with the intention of never returning. Being fiercely independent ensured I didn’t make many friends on the way up the corporate ladder either. So when Sam Langley stood in my path to a promotion, I wouldn’t let a pretty face get in my way. Sam Self-sufficient, spirited, smart, and seriously frustrating women didn’t scare me after growing up in a house with four older sisters. But having to edit a spicy thriller with the office ice queen would test my resolve to resist her fiery wit and sharp tongue. She thought her bristly exterior was a turn-off, but it only made it that much harder to keep her off my mind and out of my bed. Kristine Willard may have thought she could keep me away with her cutting remarks and terrible nicknames. She never expected my ability to read her in a way that showed her true character, and I wanted to explore her every page. Book 2 in the Dirty Words Series. Can be read as an interconnected stand alone.
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“I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it.” ― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

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