Make Me Blush
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Make Me Blush by Marie Johnston

Not everyone flees a steamy back seat session without an explanation but that’s how my new single mom life starts out. From Marie Johnston comes a small town romance with a newly single mom and a guy who's sworn off relationships. I don’t expect to see that guy again. All he knows of me is that I’m new in town and freshly divorced, not that I have four kids and have zero interest in dating. Yet who do I find coaching my son’s third grade football team? My random hookup, Holden Barron, looking even better in broad daylight. I assume a guy like him will stay far away now that he’s seen the hot mess of my life, but he won’t quit finding reasons to hang out with me. Like helping with my kids at the clinic after my son takes a hard sack. Horse riding lessons for my oldest daughter. A movie night. And the first weekend my kids are with their dad… Well, no back seat required. But I’ve trusted the wrong man before, and Holden’s history with women doesn’t scream commitment. My heart can’t take getting shattered again, especially not by the man who’s helping me piece it back together. Make Me Blush is a standalone novel in the Oil Barrons series.
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