Maid in the West (Brides of Adoration Book 1)
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A new start... in someone else's life? Fed up with being despised for her unfortunate parentage, impulsive hotel maid, Elise Miller, runs away from home. She regrets her decision the moment she’s on the train, but when she is mistaken in the next town for a mail-order bride, she trades in her identity for a chance in a better life. Kindly but stern hotelier, Daniel West, is appalled when his mother announces that she is ‘bringing’ him a bride to help manage his growing business, and he’s even more appalled when he meets Elise. The girl is awkward, uncouth, and manages to interfere in nearly everything she puts her hand to. Worse yet, she seems determined to stay, is making friends—and as they grow closer, it’s becoming harder and harder to turn her away. It seems inevitable that the two will give into their budding feelings for one another, but when Daniel’s real fiancé turns up, will the trust between Daniel and Elise be shattered for good? Maid in the West is the first story in the Brides of Adoration series. Each story is clean and sweet, with zero cliff hangers and a lovely Happily Ever After that is sure to make you smile!
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