Maid for Advertising

Maid for Advertising by Susie Tate


Working as a maid on a luxury yacht certainly isn’t Urvi’s idea of a dream job, but she needs money, fast. As a student at the Royal academy, who’s been cut off by her family for choosing music instead of medicine, she needs every penny of the exorbitant fee the powerful advertising executive, Jack Bailey, is willing to pay.

So what if she thought Jack was asking her out but offered her a job instead? So what if she thought they had a connection during all those late night chats they had at the bar where she works? Jack and his mega yacht are clearly more out of her league than she realized. A bit of banter with a barmaid obviously meant nothing to him if the cold shoulder he’s now giving her is anything to go by.

Urvi can’t afford pride if she wants to survive, and, with the way her diabetes control has been lately, survival is fast becoming her number one priority.

Maid for Advertising is a friends to enemies to lovers contemporary romance novella. It is approximately half the length of a full-length novel.

Warning – there is some swearing throughout this novella.

Praise for Maid for Advertising:

I loved this book! It has all the great laugh-out-loud humor, hilarious insults and tear-jerking apologies. – So Many Books

Charming, sweet romance between Urvi, bartender/student turned waitress on a luxury yacht in St Tropez, and Jack, customer and owner of said yacht. I love Susie Tate's books and this was great! - Banana Tricky Blog

Cute entertaining novella that was a fun quick romantic comedy read. Story flows well and it was very entertaining. – Chonky Book Reviews

I like Susie Tate's stories, they are have a certain charm to them intertwined with relatable situations from real life. - Sirens Book Reviews

A delicious story about miscommunication, crushes, music, family's expectations. I’m a big fan of the books by this author and highly recommend if you are into British romance. - Bookgyrl

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