Magic and Time
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Magic and Time by Ally Summers

Just because the world is ending, doesn’t mean I have to let him back in. That’s the problem with exes. They think a crisis means someone needs to be rescued. But I’m not that kind of magix. I have my own power and strength. Enough to save my family, town and the people closest to me. Keeping my magical secret has become harder than ever and the enemy threatens everyone I love. The only one who can help is the man who destroyed my world. My very hot, magical, shifter ex. I know better than to trust him a second time, but the clock is working against me. Time is running out, and I refuse to let evil win. Welcome to Sullen’s Grove and the world of Ivy Grace, where time travel, magic, shifters, love and heartbreak run rampant. Ivy is a bad-ass heroine, ready to fight for what matters most. This is the first in the complete six-book series.
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