Magic and Romance: A Collection of Lesbian Short Stories
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***NEW EDITION*** Magic and Romance is a cross-genre collection of Sapphic tales by the bestselling author, Niamh Murphy. Vampires and werewolves, confused teens and surfers, corporate bosses and knights in shining armour, are just some of the characters that thrill, kill, and fall in love in this compelling collection of funny, exciting, magical, and adventure-filled stories. Stella, the fearless huntress, seeks out a Vampire Queen in “Enthralled”, Kara Telfer pines for her Dance instructor as they prepare for a life-changing competition in “In Rhythm”, Claire, an adorkable college student, seeks to unravel the mysteries of ‘gaydar’ in “Is She?”, Edris, a brave knight, finds love and peril on a magical quest in “The Kingdom in a Cave”, and Isobel faces danger at every turn in the tumbling gothic ruin on the moors in “The Black Hound”. Revised and expanded with the addition of two new tales, the bestselling author of adventure fiction with lesbian main characters, brings you her favourite short stories filled with laughter and romance, magic and adventure, and of course, love. Whether you're reading historical romance or contemporary rom-com, vampire thrillers or epic fantasy, gothic horror or teen drama, one thing is for certain. You’ll fall in love with Magic and Romance!
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