Mafia Obsession: Dark Mafia Romance Standalone
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Luca Sovrano. One of the Sovrano Seven.
Ruthless Capo. Dangerous Villain.
The most beautiful man I've ever seen.

Our paths should never have crossed,
but when he's thrown into the same cell as me we are trapped together.
And forced to play a dangerous game to survive.

When he asks me to pose as his pretend wife,
I agree.
But what begins as a fake relationship,
Blows up into real life longing.

When we escape together, he vows to protect me.

But who will save me from him when he finds out my secret...?

A brutal mob boss is brought to heel by the fiery spirit of a jazz dancer who teaches him the meaning of love, in this enemies to lovers, marriage of convenience dark bilionaire romance. This is a stand alone. 1-Click NOW

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