Loving the Firefighter
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Loving the Firefighter by Cami Checketts

A brave firefighter and the town's new pediatrician. When he tries to protect her will she fall for him or head for danger to spite him? Grady Holman knows the Lanza family murdered his father but the Lanza men are charming, wealthy, and they fund the healthcare for the small town of Emerald Coast. When the Lanzas bring a new pediatrician to town, Grady vows to protect her at all costs. She seems to return his feelings, until he punches Jonathon Lanza without provocation. Can Grady gain her trust and be able to protect her, or will she be the Lanzas’ next victim? Famous Friends Romances: 1 – Loving the Firefighter 2 – Loving the Athlete 3 – Loving the Rancher 4 – Loving the Coach 5 – Loving the Contractor 6 – Loving the Sheriff 7 – Loving the Entertainer Fans of Terri Blackstock, Christy Barritt, Liz Isaacson, Jessie Gussman, and Susan May Warren will love Cami's Christian romantic suspense novels. Don't miss this new clean romantic suspense series by USA Today Bestselling Author Cami Checketts. #1 - The General Prince and the Nerd #2 - The Bold Prince and the Teacher #3 - The Doctor Prince and the Outsider #4 - The Charming Prince and the Chef #5 - The Rogue Prince and the Investigator #6 - The Crown Prince and the Traitor Cami's Sweet Romance Adventures: Billionaire Protection Romances Matchmaking the Singer and the Warrior Matchmaking the Duchess and the Commander Matchmaking the Entertainer and the Firefighter Matchmaking the Model and the Beast Matchmaking the Spy and the Heiress Matchmaking the Bodyguard and the Philanthropist Summit Valley Christmas Romance His Perfect Match for Christmas His Ski Resort Overrun for Christmas His Cabin Invaded for Christmas His Unexpected Wedding for Christmas Delta Family Romances Deceived Abandoned Committed Betrayed Devoted Compromised Endangered Accepted Returned Devastated Famous Friends Romances Loving the Firefighter Loving the Athlete Loving the Rancher Loving the Coach Loving the Contractor Loving the Sheriff Loving the Entertainer The Hidden Kingdom Romances Royal Secrets Royal Security Royal Doctor Royal Mistake Royal Courage Royal Pilot Royal Imposter Royal Baby Royal Battle Royal Fake Fiancé Secret Valley Romance Sister Pact Marriage Pact Christmas Pact Quinn Romance Adventures Devoted & Deserted Conflicted & Famous Gentle & Broken Rugged & At-Risk Too-Perfect & Stranded Rejected & Hidden
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