Loving the Billionaire Heir Doc: An enemies-to-lovers doctor billionaire romance (Dexington Doctor Billionaires Book 1)
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A doctor who’s guarded her heart for so long. A hospital billionaire determined to break down her walls. And secrets that could destroy everything...

Driven Alicia Montgomery is managing her busy life as best as she can, both as a star medical resident at the prestigious Dexington Medical Center and as a guardian for her sick niece.

But when an expensive experimental treatment becomes the only way to save her niece’s life, and a chance to win a sizable monetary prize after presenting at a hospital symposium arises, Alicia jumps at the opportunity.

Only she has to co-present with Blake Dexington. Her new enemy. A handsome doctor who seems set on infuriating her at every turn!

Billionaire doctor Blake Dexington has to win the hospital board’s approval to take over his father’s position as CEO, and presenting at the upcoming hospital symposium, with the board members in attendance, would be his best move.

Yet he has to do so with Alicia, the beautiful, smart doctor he can’t stop thinking about, even though love should be the last thing on his mind.

As they’re forced to work together, would they give in to love, or would their secrets destroy any chance at a happily ever after?

LOVING THE BILLIONAIRE HEIR DOC, a sweet enemies-to-lovers billionaire doctor romance, is the first book in the Dexington Doctor Billionaires series.

Author's Warning: This sweet enemies-to-lovers romance will send you on a tender, heartwarming ride filled with unexpected twists and surprising secrets. Side effects can occur if you’re allergic to all-the-feels, strong heroines, and swoon-worthy doctor heroes.

Previously titled as Her Billionaire Internist and Her Billionaire Doctor.

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