Loving Callie: A Lucky Strike Lovers Novel (Lucky Strike Lovers Quartet Book 1)

A doctor walks into a bar...

Doctor Callie Scott kept it professional when handsome pub owner, Jake Evans, ended up in her ER. But when she sees him again at his newly opened pub, the Lucky Strike, sparks fly a second time, igniting a powerful chemistry between them.

This new relationship could be a love greater than she has ever dreamed of. However, her family does not support her, and it's harder than Callie expected to negotiate her parent's expectations. They will never approve of Jake. A pub owner does not fit into their political ambitions, and if Callie keeps seeing him, she risks losing her only family.

Her entire life has been about trying to earn her parents' respect and approval. Now she has a chance to have the love she has waited a lifetime for, and Callie finds herself facing an impossible choice.

Read the debut novels reviewers say is "Everything I want in a contemporary romance" and "An insta-love story done right."

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