Love’s Time
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Love’s Time by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Can Enya deal with the stunning shock of traveling through time? Enya Raffetty receives a mysterious packet from beyond the grave that sends her on a mission to uncover a family secret. She travels to Brolga, an isolated Outback town where her great-grandfather began their family legacy. After settling in at the family homestead, Enya discovers a photo album from long ago, which inspires her to explore the family graveyard. One day, Enya ventures up the hill behind the house, unaware of the approaching thunderstorm. As she stands in the rain, she is struck by lightning and transported back in time to 1899. Lockland Dawson, a handsome landowner, finds her unconscious and hires a nurse to care for her at his homestead. Enya is fascinated by her newfound ability to time travel but struggles to explain it to Lock and Linda, her nurse. Despite their confusion, Enya's medical knowledge and caring nature make her a valued asset in the community. As she falls in love with Lock, she worries about the uncertainty of her time travel and its impact on their relationship. With trust and faith in God, Enya embraces every day in the past and uses her skills to help those around her. As she delivers a difficult birth, she becomes even more integrated into the community. But as Enya's time in the past draws to a close, she must decide whether to stay with Lock or return to her own time. Will Enya realize that love can survive through time? And will Lock return with her to the future?
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