Love Me Never
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Love Me Never by Suzy and Cath Quinn

When you get engaged to the man you hate. Lucas King throws punches at men and one-night-stands at women. Two attributes in a man, Evelyn Buchanan hates. He may be ripped, he may be rich and god knows we all know about the boxing fame, but frankly he’s just in the way at a desperate time in Evelyn’s life. The hotel she inherited is falling down. Customers won’t pay when the roof leaks, she can’t get the roof fixed without paying customers. Lucas has his own problems. His reason for coming back to Apple Rock Falls needs to stay secret. But when every unattached girl in town is chasing him, along with most of the married moms, keeping in the shadows is hard. What Lucas needs is a fake fiancé to put off the would-be suitors. What Evelyn needs is good publicity to attract the an engagement to a famous boxer. But don’t for one moment think she has any intention of getting carried off by that tattooed beefcake… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From one-million-copy bestselling author Suzy K. Quinn and New York Times acclaimed author Cath Quinn, Love Me Never is a funny, heart-warming tale of forced proximity in small-town America.
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