Love in Quarantine

Love in Quarantine by Breanne Bergie


A deadly virus spreads across the globe and brings two cautious hearts together. Can love live with death surrounding them?

Hanna’s life is a mess and her junker car has seen better days. An urgent phone call from her family compels her to put her troubles aside and hit the road in search of answers.

Hank’s a handsome man with his own past. He needs to get to his parents, and he finds Hanna in her broken-down car, needing the same thing. Despite their differences, he generously offers her a ride as they travel across multiple cities, but the Fiery Death threatens their journey at every turn.

As the virus spreads, Hanna and Hank’s attraction for each other takes hold. A love that consumes them both, more than the pandemic that follows them. Can love survive and get them to their families in time?

An award-winning tale of love, suspense, and a will to survive.

Discover the suspenseful romance of the Daring Hearts Series:
Book 1: Love in Quarantine
Book 2: Love in Tragedy
Book 3: Love in Flames

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