Love in a Small Town Box Set Volume II
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Welcome to Burton, Georgia, a picturesque small town nestled just west of Savannah, where love is always in the air. This enchanting box set brings you a collection of heartwarming tales set in the romance-filled embrace of this charming farm community. The Always One: Maureen Evans has carried a torch for Smith Harrington since their college days. Now, destiny brings him back to her hometown, becoming her partner at the veterinary clinic. Can Maureen navigate the fine line between friendship and desire as she works alongside the irresistible Smith? The Christmas One: Elizabeth Hudson has one holiday wish - to avoid Christmas altogether. However, fate has other plans when Trent Wagoner sets up a Christmas tree lot near her office. Despite their best efforts, sparks fly between them, and an unexpected gift of love might just be waiting beneath the Christmas tree. The Hard One: Elizabeth and Trent's passionate romance came to an abrupt halt due to a painful misunderstanding. Both left with emotional scars, but when love is real, it never truly fades away. Can these two wounded souls find their way back to each other and rekindle the flames of love? My One and Always: Sydney's life has hit rock bottom, but an opportunity in Burton offers a chance for a fresh start. Little does she know that her persistent and charming newspaper friend has a secret weapon to break down her defenses - an adorable four-legged matchmaker. The Forever One: Jenna's life is finally finding stability after a difficult past, but the arrival of Lincoln Turner disrupts her peaceful routine. As a widower focused on his new venture, Linc isn't seeking love either. But fate has other plans, and when they join forces on a building restoration project, an undeniable and electrifying attraction unfolds. Discover the captivating world of Burton, where love blooms amidst the backdrop of a close-knit community. Journey through these heartwarming stories of second chances, unexpected connections, and the enduring power of love that lasts a lifetime. Prepare to be swept away by the irresistible charm of Burton and the enthralling romances that await within its borders.
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