Lost in the Highlands: Volume 1
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Lost in the Highlands: Volume 1 by Lorraine Beaumont

"Irresistible characters, fresh voice and a hero to die for...what's there not to like!" Jamie Scott, Award Winning Author When Paige Walsh attends the annual Scottish Highland Games on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina and makes a deal with a Gypsy, little does she know that her illustrious plans to find a Hunky Highlander for her own would backfire. Instead of one man wearing a kilt, she somehow ends up in the past, facing an entire clan of them. Gavin de Grey, the current laird of Greystone Castle, located on the Northwest shore of Loch Morar, is cursed. Or so he had been told on numerous occasions throughout his life by his family and also the women he bedded. Sentenced to death for a paltry crime or two, mayhap three, Gavin would tend to agree. However, after weeks of imprisonment he believes his luck may have just turned around. When an old crone strikes a deal with him for his freedom in return for the smallest of favors, he cannot refuse. Together, Gavin and Paige must not only battle against their differences, but also, their growing feelings for one another. Will Gavin make the ultimate sacrifice to break the curse or will he damn them all for eternity? Interactive game included inside. This is a Trilogy and like Outlander, Harry Potter, Shades of Gray, True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy, Hunger Games, etc the story is interconnected. And no, it is not like any of those books, however, it is an ongoing story just like all of those books. Books in this Series Lost in the Highlands, Book I Lost in the Highlands, Book II Lost in the Highlands, Book III Other books by Lorraine Ravenhurst Series #1 Bestselling Time Travel Romance Forgotten Time Shadows of Yesterday Time to Remember Dreams of Tomorrow Now and Forever A Victorian Christmas Lucian Merlin A Modern-Day Christmas ♦ Ravenhurst Special Edition Trilogy Ravenhurst, Vol I Ravenhurst, Vol II Ravenhurst, Vol III ♦ Lost in the Highland Trilogy #1 Bestselling Scottish Time Travel Romance Lost in the Highlands, Book I Lost in the Highlands, Book II Lost in the Highlands, Book III ♦ Briarcliff Trilogy Young Adult Paranormal Dark Urban Fantasy Written for Adults Briarcliff Vol. 1 Briarcliff Vol. 2 Briarcliff Vol. 3 Briarcliff Box Set ♦ Edenbrooke Hollow Series Paranormal Time Travel Romance The Witches of Edenbrooke ♦ New Series in the Works
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