Lost Boy (Atlanta Daddies Series Book 5)
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Thomas’ time in the spotlight is fading. Once a celebrated model he quickly realizes that things are changing the older he gets. Facing the loss of his dream and the friends he thought he had, the only question is; what comes next? When he decides to move back home to be closer to his brother, he never expects to run into a man who needs more help than anyone he's ever met before.

Beaufort, Bo to his very few friends, is down on his luck. No one knows that his life is falling apart or that he’s been sleeping in his storage unit. When Thomas realizes the truth, Bo just wants the man to leave him alone. But he can’t seem to take the hint. And Bo is pretty sure Thomas is either the biggest idiot on the planet or the sweetest man that ever lived.

It’s insanity to move in with a complete stranger, but Bo goes with his gut. And soon he realizes there’s so much more to Thomas than meets the eye.

Can Bo learn to let himself be loved, scars and all? And can Thomas accept that everyone needs help sometimes, even him?

Lost Boy contains triggers of homelessness, violence, food insecurity, etc. Please do not read if you are sensitive to the subject. Check the inside before you read please!

Reading order: (These books can be read as standalones but if you would like to follow ALL of the couples from the very start follow this list)

Dear Daddy, Please Punish Me (Fitch and Diego)
Broken Boy (Layne and Branson)
Beautiful Boy (Aaron and Red)
Rich Boys(Asher, Jase, and Kyan)
Big Boy(Carter and Samuel)

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