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Loner by Ashley A Quinn

Hoping for a fresh start after an abusive marriage, Sofie McAllister packs up her four-year-old daughter, Olive, and follows her newly married mother to Montana. Happier than she’s ever been and excited for the future, Sofie’s plans to build a new life get derailed when her ex decides he wants custody of their daughter, no matter what. In Montana for a friend’s wedding, Knox Duvall plans to do what he always does in the face of so many people: keep to himself. But his friend’s precocious new niece and her quiet, but beautiful mother draw him out, and he finds he doesn’t want to be alone. When Sofie’s ex launches his plan to take custody of Olive, Knox can’t sit by and let it happen. He’s fallen for the little girl and her lovely mother. Can a chance meeting lead two loners to a life where they never have to be alone again?
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