Lives Entwined: Enchained Hearts, Book 1
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In a twist of fate Four lives are entwined Linked by dark pasts and deep feelings Can they escape the threat to their happiness and build a life together? I liked to play. Nothing too hardcore, but I needed the extra excitement that came with it. My play partner is dark, brooding and mysterious, a definite bad boy, but did I want to date him? Before I could decide, I found myself falling for my smart, clean cut employee, something that was forbidden but I couldn't stay away. But when my hot, laid back best friend dropped a bombshell I didn't see coming, offering me everything I never knew I wanted, who was I to refuse to think about? It was then I knew I wanted it all. Could the four of us find what we wanted, while learning just how connected we were by our haunted pasts, as well as dealing with a stalker who wanted to scare me? **Contains scenes of mild BDSM & M/M; M/F/M/M scenes. 1st person past, multiple POV.**
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