Lie to Me
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Lie to Me by Lilian Monroe


I’m in this town for work, not to find love.
Never love.
Ha-ha,” says Love, right before it kicks me in the gut.

Aiden Clarke is growly, grumpy, and currently looking at me like he wants to rip my head clean off my shoulders.
And I…like it?

It’s been far too long, and he’s far too gorgeous. Too bearded. Entirely too hot-blooded and male for my poor panties.

Except I’m his sworn enemy. I’m the woman trying to build a hotel right in the middle of his precious town.
Screw me for doing my job, right?

If only I were that lucky.

I should just leave, but things are never that easy. Aiden wraps me in his arms, kisses me senseless, and offers me the one thing I never thought I’d have.
Even as secrets threaten to drive us apart, how can I walk away?
How can I turn my back on something that feels a lot

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