Leaving Home
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Leaving Home by Samantha Skye

I’m the most dangerous date in town. But what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him...right? When you’re the daughter of a top mobster, you get used to a certain pace of life. Hiding out, moving cities, dodging arranged marriages... My fight-or-flight response gets a workout, that’s for sure. Sebastian has always had my back, like the overprotective big brother he is — which is why I’m hiding out with him in Boston while I wait for this arranged marriage debacle to blow over. I’m not supposed to be making friends, but when Marco Marshall’s goofy golden retriever literally bowls me over, I can’t help but flirt a little with its handsome owner. He’s as rich as any one of my dad’s crusty old friends, but Marco has a heart as golden as his bouncy canine. I know he can’t handle the life I lead, but it’s hard to remember that when I’m in his arms. Problem is, we don’t have anyone’s blessing — and in my family, if you break the rules, you’ll get broken too. Discover the saucy underworld of the Boston Billionaires today!
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