Knot Your Princess
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Knot Your Princess by L.A. Clyne

Maia wants no part of her role as an obedient princess at the Omega Palace, refusing to submit to a society that takes away her choices and rights. She’s a rarity amongst the rare, the only omega who can deny a dominant alpha. When the Crash comes, the country descends into chaos, and Maia seizes her chance to escape. On the run, exhausted and alone, she glimpses hope through a gated fence. The people she finds inside challenge everything she knows about alphas and omegas. Damon, Hunter, and Leif are three gorgeous, dangerous alphas who have shunned society. Together, with their best-friend Max, they have learned to hold each other’s broken pieces together. But when Maia is hunted, bonds are tested. Do they dare face their demons and become a pack in a corrupt world that forbids it? Can they tear their crumbling world down and build a new one out of the rubble? Knot Your Princess is a sweet, reverse harem, omegaverse romance. It features growly, protective alphas, a hot, nerdy beta, and a rebellious omega. Maia’s story will be completed in book one and can be read as a standalone. Books two and three will focus on new packs and continue the background story of the Crash. The story is written with multiple POVs and contains MMFMM steamy scenes, including a MM relationship. It also references past abuse, but there is no current abuse or abuse within the harem.
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