Kneading the Grinch
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Kneading the Grinch by Fabiola Francisco


After my divorce, I’m single all the way, so when a handsome stranger waltzes into my bakery, I’m not looking to mingle. Especially when he offers to buy my business. Unfortunately for him, it’s not for sale. Sprinkles of Joy is my haven. 

But when my ex-husband comes into my bakery with his new girlfriend, I grab the stranger and pretend he’s my new boyfriend. Desperate times call for very desperate measures. 

Gabriel agrees to this game of pretending under one condition—I let him spend time in my bakery so he can prove that selling to him is my best bet. 

Between early morning baking and silly antics, I get to know the man under the business armor. He’s nothing like I imagined, and soon I wonder if he’s not just the Grinch trying to steal my Christmas. But my heart, too. 

Kneading the Grinch is a Christmas novella set in the small beach town of Emerald Bay. Get ready for swoony romance, slow burn goodness, and all the holiday feels! This is an open door romantic comedy.

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