Ketogenic Cleanse in 20 Minutes: Delicious Recipes for Different Lifestyles (Wellness Series Book 1)
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”informative and well explained... a good manual for all beginners of the Keto diet”--5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite Stay in ketosis—not the kitchen! Health can be yours today. Looking for the perfect ketogenic cleanse? An easy-to-follow, no-nonsense regimen that will get you fit and allow you to continue enjoying your meals? Fear that it may not exist? Well, it does... and change is not as hard as you think. The popularity of keto diets continues to skyrocket, and this global phenomenon indicates that more people than ever are getting back to the basics of healthy eating. Start reading the ultimate guide to keto recipes, allowing you to boost your health without the need for ‘sacrifice’. You won’t be disappointed! Inside you’ll learn: Different ketogenic types and how to tailor meals to each Recipes that take a max. of 20 minutes, making dinner stress-free, mess-free fun Super foods to double up on Danger foods to watch out for How to sidestep common pitfalls ALONG WITH MUCH, MUCH MORE! You’ll love the results and still love your life! Watch the weight come off while still enjoying all your favorite foods. Prepare for transformation now.
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