Justice for Mary
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Justice for Mary by Rayne Lewis

IS VENGEANCE ACCEPTABLE TO SAVE THE WOMAN YOU LOVE? Former Delta Force operator and founder of Hellforce Security, Henry “King” Clark has all but given up on finding a woman to spend his life with. The Army was his passion. Delta was his lady. Hellforce is his love. King loves deep, fights hard, has true convictions, and lives by an ingrained set of principles — always justice, never vengeance. Little did he know, he’d be tempted to betray those convictions to defend a good woman and win her love. IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN SAVE HER FROM HELL? Believing true love existed only in fairy tales, Mary Payton Jones is stuck in the mundane routine of life. She works two jobs, looks after her mother with early-onset dementia, and supports her abusive, lowlife older brother who has never grown up. Mary grabs at the chance of a better life working as a personal assistant for Hellforce’s founder — a strong, protective soldier who seems to have walked straight out of Mary’s wildest fantasies. Fantasies that are shattered when a home invasion leaves her hurt and unconscious at the scene. Mary can only hope that justice will find whoever is responsible. On the hunt, John “Tex” Keegan helps Hellforce track down Mary’s stolen family heirlooms and those responsible for her plight. When justice served goes terribly wrong, King will be faced with the truths of his decisions. Will Mary forgive him or is he destined for a life alone? Rescuing Mary is a full-length novel and the first book of the Hellforce series. It takes twists and turns that will have you at the end of your seat but will leave no cliffhanger ending. Defenders of the abused. Protectors of the innocent. Guardians of the exploited. King and five former Delta teammates make up the security team that is Hellforce. They’ll delve into the bowels of hell to bring home those lost to the deep underworld.
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