Just You & Me
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Just You & Me by Evelyn Jeannie Hall


"You were like a brother to me, Benji,” she told him, pushing against his chest which had somehow over the years become a solid brick wall.

“Let’s get one thing straight, Kat. I was NEVER your brother. Not ever.”

Benji regrets abandoning the woman he always secretly loved, even if there were extenuating circumstances. Now he seeks to reconnect with her before it's too late.

When Katrina’s best friend left their tiny hometown for NYC, she had no idea why he cut her out of his life. The thing she fears most is that it’s all her fault and fixing things seems impossible.

Will they attempt to trust one another again and learn from their past mistakes, or has their nine years apart ruined any chance at happiness?

WARNING: this story contains a nerdy guy turned hot billionaire, siblings with zero filters, foul language, and sexy times that may or may not include a fake bow and arrow.

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