Just Friends: MMF Bisexual Romance (Just Us Book 1)
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The three of them are all just friends...
but maybe they each want to be more.

The friendship between Lizzy, Mason, and Trent has always been complicated by crushes and secrets. Mason and Trent have been roommates ever since they were freshmen, with Lizzy living across the hall in their co-ed dorm.

But after college, Lizzy's job took her out of state, and while it wasn't exactly what she wanted, she settled in with a well-paying job and a serious boyfriend.

Until she found that "serious boyfriend" in bed with his ex. So, she decided to come back to the location of her alma mater, the one place that ever felt like home, and back to the best friends she's ever had.

But even after five years apart, old feelings are quick to flare, and Trent asks Lizzy on a date. Mason tries to control his jealousy, but how is any bi guy supposed to cope when both the man and the woman he's in love with are in a relationship with each other?

Will a budding relationship destroy the ones that all three of them have built over nearly ten years?

Or will a brand-new door open when old secrets come to the surface?

Maybe Lizzy never had to choose between the two guys in her life. And maybe Trent's love of his best friend isn't strictly friendly.

He's never been with a man that way, but he's willing to try. If Mason is willing to share Lizzy.

And for Lizzy, the thought of being between her two hot best friends and experiencing both of them at once while also seeing them each experience each other for the first time is too hard to resist trying out, despite the unknown risks of what could happen from there.

Will their friendship fold under all the new changes?
Or will it simply become the foundation for something even better?

Just Friends is a bisexual menage romance with high heat MM and MFM scenes (swords do cross in this one!). It has no cliffhangers and no cheating but it does have a very happy ever after and lots of steam.
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