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Joyride by DD Prince

Beautiful Biker, Book 2 - The Ride Continues. A wild, dangerous, angsty, sexy AF ride. In book 1, Detour, we heard that Beautiful Biker Rider Valentine had cuffed the very angry Jenna to his bed in order to keep her from putting herself in the Wyld Jackals MC line of fire. How did all that go? Read Joyride and find out! The Wyld Jackals are determined to make their point: They don't want the Dominion Brotherhood MC moving in on their territory and they'll use any means necessary to make that point: including hurting Dominion Brotherhood women. Despite Jenna trying to retreat to protect her heart after Rider shows signs of alpha-hole-ism, Rider chips away at her defenses while going to extremes to keep her safe from the Wyld Jackals. Through that, he sees something in Jenna that makes him want commitment for the first time in his life. How hard will Jenna make him work to win her over? Can Jenna overcome the things she knows, the things she saw, the fears she has from being burnt in the past? Is the fight to keep him from cracking her protective shield futile? And will Rider simply lose interest once the threat is neutralized? Warning: Sex, Violence, Angst, some laugh-out-loud moments, a few tears, a very stubborn heroine, and a deliciously irresistible alpha male (sometimes alpha-hole) biker. The Beautiful Biker series books are standalone but connected and overlapping stories. Each book focuses on a different couple and could be read as standalone, but reading in order will provide the best reading experience.
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