It Shouldn’t Be You: Small Town Romantic Comedy (Love Saves Book 2)
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Sometimes, love takes the driver’s seat . . .

Travers Warner is way too busy for dating. As Chief Operating Officer of Butler Hotels, he works pretty much around the clock. Most women are only interested in his wallet or his connections anyway, and who has time for that? Travers would much rather focus on business. Besides, the woman he really wants isn’t interested.

Colleen Bowers is more than a pretty face, and she has no patience for anyone who assumes she’s an empty-headed beauty.
A successful attorney, Colleen dedicates her life to helping families and the elderly. Between a rewarding career and planning an upcoming wedding, she has everything a girl could possibly want. Then, she begins to suspect her fiancé may not exactly be the man of her dreams.

When Travers catches Colleen trying to escapes from her engagement party, it could be his chance to finally get close to the feisty redhead. He’s headed cross-country to try and track down problems with his company’s supply chain. He invites Colleen along. Needing some space to rethink her life options, she agrees.

A road trip may be the distraction they both need, but as the miles fly by, Colleen and Travers might discover something even better. Could love be just around the bend?

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