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Intrigued by Z.L. Arkadie

"Give me tonight," he whispers in the dark. "So tomorrow, I can better resist you." Journalist Holly Henderson, known for her exposés on corrupt families, finds herself unwelcome in the world of the powerful Blackstone family. Invited to a holiday retreat at her college roommate's mansion in Newport, she is instead greeted by an eerie and ancient dwelling, teeming with secrets. Jasper Blackstone, the brooding billionaire who holds sway over fortunes and fates, warns Holly of the danger she poses to his family's empire with his unnerving gaze. Despite their initial animosity, Holly and Jasper embark on an intense affair, drawing her deeper into the mysteries of the mansion. As Holly unravels the secrets and becomes entangled in a dangerous dance between love and obsession, truth and deception, she must decide whether to risk her newfound passion or succumb to the mansion's dark allure. "Intrigued" is a heated, suspenseful billionaire romance woven with shocking twists, irresistible desire, and a mansion whose walls hold more secrets than they do guests. Immerse yourself in a world where each page reveals new secrets, new betrayals, and a love that could make or break everything.
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