Into The Past II
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Into The Past II by Shamika Hill

Brielle Taylor was gifted with the ability to delve into the past. She unknowingly changed her future by preventing the death of her father. Instead of him dying, someone else took his place. Now, there's hell to pay. Brielle is once again enjoying her picture-perfect life until tragedy strikes again, and her cousin Ciera is kidnapped. Brielle's father, Gerald, and Ciera's father, Glen, work together diligently to bring Ciera home. What happens when all clues lead to a dead end and innocent people take the fall? It's all up to Brielle, but she doesn't know how to access her gift. Blood will spill, and secrets will be revealed while love flourishes. Will Brielle come through in time to help bring Ciera home, or will it all be in vain? Could Brielle end up losing more in this reality than she did before she altered her past? Find out in Into The Past II.
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